Monday, August 4, 2008

eating for who?

i love food.

i mean i LOVE food. so much that my fiance is constantly saying to me "honey, you're a good eater." and i am.

i usually eat what's on my plate and what's left on yours. yeah, i'm that girl.

the nice thing is that i've always been basically pretty thin. probably because i'm fairly active. i lived in key west where my bicycle was my mode of transportation. i lived in hollywood where i walked pretty much everywhere until i bought my motorcycle. i lived in austin where i was a meth addict, so no fat there really. and no food either, but that's a story for another day.

so once i got clean i started to pack on a few extra pounds. because, well, i stopped doing drugs. and i started eating. and i wanted to keep eating.

so VERY recently i started to workout. in a gym. ... yeah, i know. i have always been against working out. mostly because it sounds like it would suck. and pretty people do it. and i hate pretty people.

but i didn't want to stop eating. so you see my dilemma. i had to do it. so for 4 weeks i did the elliptical machine and nothing else. most everyday after work. and even when i traveled to see my dad in VA while he got his first surgery i worked out in the hotel gym both days.. IN A HOTEL GYM. ick, now i'm THAT girl.

so i started to lose the extra pounds and everyone was noticing, i was feeling good and still eating what i wanted. like a twice weekly egg custard sno-ball with marshmellow topping. yum. see? i'd rather work-out than change my eating habits. and that's pretty drastic.

but in the past two weeks i've changed my eating habits. i shit you not. i went all organic. i am eating no simple carbs only complex (yeah i had no idea either.) i am eating lots protein and very little fat, tons of vegetables and very little red meat. no caffeine, no butter (yes margarine) no sweets.

wtf? this from a girl who could eat half a carton of oreos before bedtime?

when i quit drugs it was pretty hard. in fact it took me a couple of go-rounds even though drugs were undeniably taking my life.

when i quit cigarettes, it was less hard, believe it or not. i just didn't want to be a smoker anymore. there were three tough days, but other than that it wasn't like what they say. (the trick is that there is never "just one" cigarette.)

when i changed my eating habits overnight it wasn't hard at all. (i got off the caffeine in three days. with one headache. and let me tell you, i was drinking coffee morning noon and night. i know you other alchies and addicts know what i'm taking about)

so how and why did it change? well, it turns out i'm not just eating for me anymore. :)



CC said...


And yes I can relate, the ONLY reason I work out is so I can eat and drink whatever I please.

pril said...

way to spring it!

Cullen said...

HOLY SHIT!!! Awesome. I am very happy for you.

Baby Huey said...




thefinn said...

That's a beautiful thing!! Congrats, Kali!

kalipornia said...

thanks guys!! i am SOVERYECITED!!!

(and i'll barely be showing by the wedding so no shotgun photos -- yay!)

kalipornia said...

so excited i forgot the x.

... how can you forget x?

The Pirate said...

Pril's right-you sprung that in fine fashion:) Congrats and sleep while you can;)

Dave in Texas said...

That was a stealth announcement.

Congrats on getting knocked up.

Yellowbeard said...

Excellent, congratulations!