Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars

One thing that I've always wanted to see is one place, one drive-through, one counter, where you could get all of your favorite fast-food in ONE spot.

For instance, a Jack-in-the-Box Sirloin Burger with Crinkle Cut Fries from Culvers, a Route 44 Limeade from Sonic and then a Dairy Queen something for desert.

Because quite honestly, I love fast food, I just don't like one particular franchise's selection across the board.

What would be your favorite fast food mash? If you could get something from all of your favorite in one spot?

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michele said...

One would have to suppose I was REALLY hungry:

a weinerschnitzel chili dog
fries from Checkers
a soft taco from del taco
a mexi melt from taco bell
a root beer float from A@W
cole slaw from KFC
chocolate frosty from wendy's
a cheeseburger from two guys. i think it's two guys. maybe three brothers. something like that.

man, i'm hungry.

Baby Huey said...

steak grilled stuft burrito from taco bell
bo-berry biscuit from bojangle's
cajun pintos from bojangle's
corn dog from cookout
fries from arby's
burger from five guys burgers and fries

pril said...

Just everything available a Schlotzky's, yeah throw it in a big bowl please. And let's put a bottle of that red sauce in there too. no.. no.. not the cracked pepper/sea salt tater chips. Them's nasty.

thebluecan said...

Brilliant idea.

In-N-Out Burger
McDonalds Fries
Dairy Queen Blizzard

That works for me right now.

pamela said...

Burrito from Taco Del Mar with lots of habenero sauce, guac and sour cream

Some Fried Chicken from Popeyes (the spicy kind)

A Wendys double Cheese burger

Fries from McDonalds (they used to be so much better though when they cooked them in Beef fat long ago)

Onion Rings and Fried Mushrooms from Kidd Valley

Am A & W Rootbeer Float